Review of “Finding Your Yes: Living a Life That’s Open to God’s Invitation”

Christine E. Wagoner invites her reader to meet a gathering of brave, faithful, Jesus-loving people who dared to say yes when God called them to accept new kingdom assignments. For some, it was a slam dunk, easy path, but for most, it was a journey of surrender. Wagoner is bold and honest about the struggles that obedient people face. She shares her own heart’s deepest desires and disappointments. Each person’s story is different, but they all reveal, “God is not looking for heroes. He’s looking for people who will say yes.” Layered between each personal story are Biblical accounts of people God used in remarkable ways.

Finally, Wagoner’s passion shines through when she challenges readers, “May the pain in our journey to yes usher in great amounts of Christ’s love and unity to a world that is in desperate need of hope.” This book provides a beacon of hope guiding readers on their yes adventure.

The Struggle is Real, but So is God

Do you need to declare God’s truth based on Biblical principles over your life? This is just one of the tools provided to the reader by this powerful six-week Bible study. Each day’s assignment offers opportunities to dive into God’s word discover Biblical principles and then apply them to daily life. The author, Misty Hinckley Phillip, shares authentic struggles from her own personal life, and some amazing quotes from a variety of Christian writers. My favorite part of this Bible study is the declarations that Christy wrote for the participant to read aloud. Sometimes everyone needs a reminder of what is true.