What Makes You Feel Secure? Psalm 37:18-22

“We cannot feel secure until we are seen, soothed and safe.”
Dr. Curt Thompson

With a bucket in one hand, and the other firmly grasped by my grandmother, we embarked on a grand adventure as the sun began slowly setting. Out and about when I would usually be tucked up in bed gave me such a thrill in my six-year-old heart. Once we arrived at the beach, we began a long walk across the stony beach until it gave way to soft sand. Low tide had pulled back the ocean to reveal a stretch of sandy and landscape almost as far as I could see.

Tide pools teaming with life dotted the pathway we traveled, and they became my focus. By the end of the evening adventure, I would be walking back to Twain, my grandmother’s seaside home, with a collection of sea creatures in an aquarium of sorts. The bucket would spend the rest of the week being cared for by me, a budding marine biologist. I would like to tell you that no sea creatures were harmed in my six-year-old adventures, but sadly more than one mollusk perished under my watchful eye.

While I failed in my marine animal management system, my grandmother provided me a season of security in my young life where I felt seen, soothed, and safe.

In this next section of Psalm 37, David reveals more wisdom about how God cares for His people and creates eternal security.

18 The Lord knows the days of the blameless, and their heritage will remain forever; Psalm 37:18 ESV

The Lord knows my days and all my struggles. He sees the bitter and the sweet and the complex efforts. But, ultimately, He is protecting my legacy that will go on beyond my time here on earth.

19 they are not put to shame in evil times; in the days of famine they have abundance. Psalm 37:19 ESV

God offers to soothe and care for me by providing for my most basic food and water needs. Even in bad times, pandemic times, and times when I lose my way, God offers to set the table before me and spend time with me. His presence is my true abundance.

20 But the wicked will perish; the enemies of the Lord are like the glory of the pastures; they vanish—like smoke, they vanish away.Psalm 37:20 ESV
21 The wicked borrows but does not pay back, but the righteous is generous and gives; Psalm 37:21

God provides all that I have and calls me to be generous. He notices when I give freely and share what I have with others. This allows me to refuse the lie of scarcity and feel the freedom to live an open-handed life.

22 for those blessed by the Lord shall inherit the land, but those cursed by him shall be cut off. Psalm 37:22 ESV

Finally, God promises me He will give me an inheritance of land where I can live in His presence forever. Whether that real estate is on earth or in Heaven, His presence in that place creates a lasting home for me where I find eternal security.

Thank you, Lord, for eternal security only you can provide. Open my eyes to see your care for me each day. Help me to live an abundant life. Help me to walk in the peace of knowing my inheritance is safely kept in your alone, forever. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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